10 Ways to Attract Top Talent (part 2)

Following on from the last article we look at 6 – 10 ways to ensure that you are hiring Top Talent.

Candidate Attraction?
Candidate Attraction?


6.       Don’t fake it

We may want the culture and momentum of companies such as Apple and Facebook, but don’t try and pretend what you are not.  The most attractive things that you can offer potential employees are challenges and resources and the opportunity to grow and develop.  Pretending that you have these things and then not delivering on the promise will cause problems with morale and attrition rates.

7.       Ask your employees what they want within the workplace.

Retention and incentivisation of employees is becoming more individual and unique.  A bonus may not be important to someone that wants flexibility to be able to spend some time with their family.  Can your organisation offer flexible and unique incentives to your workforce whilst maintaining productivity?  It will help your attrition rates if you can.

8.       Look for candidates that meet 80% of your skills and experience.

If a candidate has 80% of the skills that your jobs require then consider them seriously – they will gain the extra 20% within the role and in a shorter period than it will take to find the 100% fit.  An employee that is an 80% fit will be easier to motivate and retain through training and development opportunities than the 100% fit that has been there, seen it and done it already.

9.       Look at how you treat your current employees.

When employees feel valued they will promote your brand.  They will refer friends and ex-colleagues for your positions, which could reduce your recruitment spend.

10.       Sell the additional benefits of working for your organisation too.

There isn’t one benefit which is universally appreciated but a good variety can add up to an attractive offering.  They can include additional holidays, flexi time, health insurance, opportunity to study, a pleasant working environment and of course an attractive basic salary.

For help in attracting Top Talent your organisation please contact Emerald Starfish on 07584 483570 for a Free Recruitment Audit to look at your current recruitment methods.

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I run a recruitment and training consultancy specialising in working with companies to improve their volume recruitment processes, enabling them to make better recruitment decisions and reduce their recruitment costs. We offer a bespoke service, outsourcing parts of the recruitment process to reduce your costs and find better recruitment solutions.
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